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Feel free to help.

I am starting my own blog, and if anyone is use to the blog world feel free to help me in any way you can(:


She was the very last person I had left that did not upset me, treat me like shit, or make me feel like I didn’t want to be here anymore. But since she cares more about friends than her own family theres not much I can do. I use to be her best friend. We use to be attached at the hip. I have always done everything for her, but she would rather protect her friend rather than stay on my side. It sucks when you can’t even say you have your family to go home to and they’ll turn your mood around.

Not worth it

The small amount of people that put others before themselves, that do everything there ever asked to do, that are always there for other people, all they ever get in return is treated like shit. And even though that is all they get for some reason they still never stop doing everything for other people. Will they ever learn?

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